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I don't play next to many little old ladies anymore, so tonight was a change of pace. She was probably about 70, quite friendly and only a little daffy. Asked me where I was from, volunteered that she was visiting from Beaverton, OR. I almost asked if it was to gamble or if she was visiting family, but caught myself, realizing I didn't really want to give her an opening to talk about her grandkids.

She clearly wasn't too familiar with video poker. She had the basics of strategy down, but was fumbling a bit with operating the machine. Getting mixed up about when she was in the middle of a hand vs between hands, having to double-check the number of credits she was playing, stuff like that. But she seemed to be enjoying herself, savoring her small wins and muttering at the machine when it wouldn't give her that fourth deuce and so on.

Then she got dealt Qd Ad Kd 5s Jd. Four to the royal. Naturally this was very exciting and she had to point it out to me. She pushed the buttons to hold the AKQJ of diamonds, and leaned forward and rubbed the spot where she wanted the ten of diamonds to appear, for good luck, and with her other hand pressed draw.

...before I could stop her, that is. Video poker machines have touchscreens. When she rubbed the five of spades, it marked that card as being held, which she didn't notice with her hand still over the screen. She drew no cards and ended with the same worthless AKQJ5 she started with.

I had to struggle really hard to not visibly cringe at that. If I'd had a moment, I would have suggested she call over a slot attendant - sometimes in the case of a clearly mistaken hold they can replay the hand for you.

But she didn't pause for more than a moment. Once she realized what happened, she said "oh, shucks", and then "I guess I'll never know...", and kept on playing. I decided it wouldn't really be doing her a favor to suggest she interrupt her fun, and left her to it.

Anyway, it didn't matter. Twenty minutes later, she got dealt KQJT of spades. This time she managed to successfully draw a card, and of course it was the ace of spades.

Congratulations, ma'am. I cashed out and drifted over to the cafe to get a hot fudge sundae. Mmmm, hot fudge.
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