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if you're having fur problems i feel bad for you son
i got 99 problems but a cat ain't one
hee hee
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Molly was just whistling the Katamari Damacy theme, and Ursa came running up to her. "Hey, the dog doesn't even come when I whistle." Then Ellie and Zan came by to investigate... but Ursa was still the most fascinated.

Molly started whistling again. Ursa came up closer, and pawed briefly at her face, running off when Molly laughed, blowing air in Ursa's face. "Does she think there's a bird in there? I'm confused."

I tried whistling. No reaction.

Molly whistled again. This time Ursa ran up, poked at her face, and tried to bite her nose, running off at another burst of laughter. Molly being Molly, she whistled again. Ursa came back, and bit her lip this time. And then started chewing on her cheek, getting nice big bites of flesh.

What the hell? Ursa attacks toes, sure, like any self-respecting feline, but this is unprecedented.

So, naturally, having great curiosity and little regard for self-preservation, Molly keeps whistling. (Protecting her face, now.) Ursa comes back and starts chewing on her arm. Chewing with determination. Turning her head sideways to get her molars working. Taking her entire wrist into her mouth. Trying to sink her teeth in and drag the arm away with her. When that didn't work, she moved on to the elbow, and the upper arm, and tried to get at the underarm and breasts before being blocked.

It's like Molly found the "must consume human flesh" trigger that's been lying dormant in Ursa all this time.

The dark fuzzy face of the One True Evil:
Ursa as a kitten

Cute little kitten! DO NOT BE DECEIVED. She turned into a savage beast. Maybe it's because we fed her after midnight...


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