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Palazzo gave me a $5000 gift card for Barneys New York, which I personally have no use for. I'd prefer to sell it locally to reduce fraud concerns, so I posted to Craigslist soliciting offers.

One guy offers $2000. Another guy offers $3000. So far so good.

Then I get this:

Would you be willing to trade your Barney's gift card for my Precious "teacup" poodle, she weighs 4 lbs, that's it she won't grow anymore, she's puppy pad/doggie door trained, she's extremely great with children especially small children, she's also extremely protective of her owners, meaning that should anyone other than the owners comes around your residence she'll let you know by barking & continue to do so unless you tell her otherwise, feisty for a small dog.

The only reason I'm offering is because I have no choice but to re home my poodle due to health reasons, so as much as we all love her, she's literally killing me. I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd let me know either way, thanks!

Yeahhhhhhhhhh. Not exactly the trade I was looking for!

I emailed him back with "Not really looking for another dog, and not sure how your teacup poodle would do with my Doberman anyway :) Good luck finding a loving home for her."

He promptly replied with "I do believe my "teacup" poodle will be your Doberman's snack. Thank you for your response though."

I love the Internet.


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