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Barry Bonds. He hasn't filed for retirement, so he's technically still active. The vampirification process should take care of the knee issues he's had in recent years. He'd still have the body of a 45-year-old (forever), but his baseball smarts and work ethic should serve him well in an afterlife league. And given his already nearly-superhuman bat speed, one can only wonder what it'd be like as a vampire; the life essence of human victims beats the hell out of THG for developing fast-twitch muscles.

Most importantly, he's likely to want to join us; he wants to play, he can't play in MLB because he's blacklisted, and given his legal and personal issues, being forcefully removed from the world of the living will cause him as much relief as trauma. This is a win-now scenario, and we want a slugger who will immediately pick up a bat and start hitting, not some head case who's going to whine for months about "oh what have I become" or "what about my family" or "but I don't want to feed on the blood of the innocent". Someone like that isn't going to produce, and is going to be a huge drag on morale in the clubhouse.

Alternately, if we're more in need of pitching, Mark Prior. Prior was one of the top college pitchers of all time, and widely considered to be a can't-miss superstar in the making, until a succession of injuries derailed his career. Ailments such as tendinitis, labrum tears, strained hamstrings, etc are nearly nonexistent among the living dead; siring Prior would allow us to see what could have been.


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