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Me, July 2011, Nevada legalizes sex discrimination:
Effective October 1, places of public accomodation can "offer differential pricing, discounted pricing or special offers based on sex to promote or market the place of public accommodation" and it will not be considered an unlawful discriminatory practice. [...]

Next year, the WSOP will presumably declare that the Ladies Event is a $50000-buyin event with special promotional pricing of $1000 for women, and the scourge of one or two dozen concealed penises in a field of over 1000 players will be over.

Caesars Entertainment press release, February 2013, 44th Annual World Series of Poker® Schedule Announced:
The Ladies Only No-Limit Hold’em Championship – On Friday, June 28 at 12 p.m., featuring a $10,000 buy-in for the Ladies world championship (Event #51). Men entering this event will be required to buy-in for $10,000, while ladies will enjoy a special discounted buy-in of $1,000 – a discount of $9,000.
Part of me is surprised that they actually had the nerve to go ahead and do it, but I think more of me is surprised that it took them this long.

I don't live in Nevada anymore, and I won't be playing any WSOP events this year, and I'm pretty happy about both of those facts.


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